Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is a large island – in fact it is the largest of the seven islands in the Ionian Sea and ranks sixth in size among all Greek islands with a total area of approximately 940 sq. km.

It lies opposite the entrance to the gulf of Patras at a distance of about 30 km from the western shores of the Peloponnese, between the islands of Ithaca to the east, Zakinthos to the south and Lefkas to the north. Its coastline of approximately 250 km is deeply indented, with the bays of Sami and Antisamos to the northeast, the bay of Myrtos to the northwest, the bay of Argostoli to the west, and the bay of Lourdas to the south. The charming town of Argostoli is the island’s capital. Kefalonia’s population numbers 39,000 inhabitants.

An island of contrasts, Kefalonia has a lot to offer its visitors. The north of the island is different from the south due to morphology and access. For those who prefer a beach holiday at soft white and golden sandy beaches and easy access to the airport, the south is the obvious choice. But if you like to arrive at the airport, take a car and head off to your own private villa, away from the crowds, then the north is for you.

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