Lifestyle in Kefalonia island

In the summer the island throbs with life and activity. A care free crowd from every corner of the globe strolls along the beaches or the quite coves, enjoying a dip in the sea, sipping ouzo in a seaside ouzeri, or a cup of coffee in the little coffee shop of a mountain village with the serene Ionian Sea at its feet.The occupations and interests of the local people have also changed in the past thirty years.

Most Kefalonians are no longer farmers but have involved themselves in the tourist industry and its related occupations. Kefalonians are progressive and optimistic by nature with a strong sense of humor. They are warm hearted, hospitable, and courteous. They love to travel. One meets a Kefalonian in every corner of the earth. Most have succeeded abroad but always dream nostalgically of the homeland. Many actually return and take up permanent residence on the island.

Traditions are relayed from generation to generation especially those related to with music, local cuisine, wine making, dance and festivities.

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